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Flag-raising . . .

November 10, 2010

This morning, I attended an early morning flag-raising ceremony at the college where I work.  The formal flag-raising was in honor of Veteran’s Day –  tomorrow.  The college will be closed for business tomorrow so the colors were posted with formality today.

The photo below doesn’t show the crowd, but lots of folks turned out: administration, faculty, staff, students, passers-by.  It  was well and good to stop for that moment.   The wind caught that Star-Spangled Banner as it began the trip the top of the staff.  Percect timing!

The soldier saluting the flag as it was raised is one of our faculty members, who served as a medic in Operation Iraqi Freedom and in Operation Enduring Freedom.  He was injured on his last tour of duty and is therefore also a Disabled American Veteran.

I think of him as one of my co-workers most of the time.  But today,  I think of him as a soldier who deserves my respect and thanks for his participation  in protecting our freedom and for his sacrifice for these United States of America. 

My deepest thanks to him and all Veterans.

p.s.  Hey Trav!  It was a cake event!