My Knitting Decision

Please read the following post in its entirety.  I have come to a very important knitting/blogging decision.

You know how you can come to some decisions after a lot of deliberation and still not have any certainty you’ve made the right decision?  Conversely, have you ever made a snap decision and knew with confidence that it was truthfully for the best?

Such is the case for me.

This morning I woke up after a fitful night’s rest.  As I rolled over to see what time it was, I poked myself with a size 0000 needle I was using in a project I was knitting just before dozing off.  Size 0000 needles hurt! 

To make matters worse, the needle stuck (a bit) into my shoulder and when I pulled it out, I lost my stitches, too – not simple garter or stockinette stitches, but . . . . lace.  Yes (sigh) with yarnovers all over the place.  At least in my pain in suffering, I can leave the knitting world with a new knitting term and it’s abbreviation.  YOAOTP: yarnoversallovertheplace! 

With suffering can come clarity.

I decided that I am done knitting!  Yup!  Never again shall I knit.  No more yarn shopping.  No more secret fiber fondling out of range of yarn shop security cameras.  No more Illusion/Shadow knit designing.  No more dawdling over knitting charts.  No more unfinished Christmas gifts for which I have to make apologies AND promises to finish the gifts in question (right after the holidays so that the gifts are still timely, but when I am exhausted from knitting into the wee hours BEFORE the holiday.)

And . . . no more yarn stash.  I am cleaning out my closet – the one near the dining room.  And I’m cleaning out the other closet  – the one in my bedroom that goes the full length of the room, of which half is reserved for yarn.  Embarrassingly, I’m cleaning out my dishwasher – my reserve stash – so I can finally use my dishwasher for washing dishes.  I’m cleaning out my desk drawers (where I’ve kept yarn so I didn’t have to walk to the closets or the dishwasher). 

I’m going to have a garage sale.  I’m not sure when it will be, but I plan a last-minute setup on a very rainy day.  Anyone who wants to buy anything will already be out and about on their way to a yarn shop anyway.

Included in my garage sale will be just about any knitting gadget you could possibly need or want and (several) sets of any size and type of needles you would ever need.  (I’ve been knitting a long time, you see.)

If I really get my act together, lucky shoppers could possibly find handknit toys for sale as well.  I ‘ve been making toys for a long time.  Kids grow up, but one always hates to throw out or donate the handknit toys.

Lastly, since one of the reasons I established this blog was to talk about knitting and share my free knitting patterns, it won’t be necessary to continue blogging.  No yarn, no gadgets, no knitting, means no more blogging!  I’d like to thank everyone who has come here willfully and repeatedly, everyone who was lured here because of all the clever tags I’ve used on my posts, everyone who stumbled here of your own doing, and even the SPAMMERS, too, for all the laughs.  There have been just under half a million of you in two and a half years.  That’s amazing!

I don’t plan to make a profit on the sale of my yarn and  paraphernalia, but I hope to at least earn enough in sales to go to . . . .


  . . . . therapy.

The truth is, with so many people visiting my site, perhaps you will need a recommendation for another site to visit.  Let me give you an excellent link to get you started.  Please do at least check it out to see if it you like it.

Be well.  And have a nice day.


  1. 1
    Karyn Says:

    I have enjoyed your blog since I first discovered it by accident and will miss hearing about you, GN,Gr8 et al. you have given me many smiles and sometimes tears but always pleasure. Good luck and god bless

  2. I felt this was a strange post and your link confirmed it!

  3. 3
    Karyn Says:

    I must admit I didn’t hit the link until after I had posted my comment… you got me good and proper. I started to laugh after. thanks for the joke

  4. 4

    Karyn: Glad you laughed. I had tears in my eyes as I typed. I was already in a laughing fit from some of the April Fool’s stuff on the web.

  5. 5
    Janey Says:

    Your post reminded me that my life does not have enough laughter.
    I have blisters from starting my training for a 5 K walk/run event in May, a fundraiser for the Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia.
    I “had words” with another person today, over an upcoming meeting – on Facebook no less! Eventually I gave up the battle.
    A friend of my mother’s passed away a few days ago, following a long and painful battle. She has been a nominal family member for years, my siblings and I calling her our auntie.

    And I was suddenly struck with panic that I have not told you about the three mustaches I’ve knit. Thank you very much for your pattern!
    They are not yet sewn off, nor the ends woven in – which will provide them with more of a curved shape. (I’m waiting for an opportunity to go back in your blog to review those directions.)

    Having bared my soul, I shall sign off in an effort to wake up on a more sensible day – April 2.

  6. 6
    Travis Says:

    April Fool’s!!!!


  7. 7

    Janey: Hope April 2, finds you in better spirits. My condolences on the passing of your mother’s friend, your ‘auntie.’ Glad to know that the mustache pattern has been something you liked. I do to. I hope the finishing directions are sufficiently clear, but if not, you know where to find me.

  8. 8

    Reblogged this on Colors of the Dragon and commented:
    Just had to reblog Goodnightgram’s post regarding her knitting decision. I’ve also stuck myself with needles which required a pointed withdrawal of said needle….

  9. 9
    racegirl2452 Says:

    I must admit that I was extremely saddened by this post. I love your blog and all your patterns. I hope (as I assume from reading the comments) that this truly was an April Fools joke. If not, good luck on all the adventures that are still in store for you. =]

  10. 10

    racegirl: It was an April Fools’s Day joke. Near the end of the post there was a link to another page with the explanation. But I’m very grateful for your comment. I’m glad to read that you like my patterns. I have the yarn ready for a new one, but I’ve been SWAMPED at work. Sorry for the 4/1 Day confusion, but thanks for being a good sport!

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