Hotdish – Minnesota Style

The Minnesota members of Congress held a hotdish competition.  I like the idea.  I like hotdish.  When I heard the news, it reminded me of the hotdish tent that the Saint Paul Winter Carnival had.  I liked that tent . . . a lot!

For anyone interested, the recipes for all the submissions in the Second Annual Minnesota Delegation Hotdish Competition have been posted. Click the link to read them.  Congratulations to Senator Al Franken and Representative Chip Cravaack, who tied for first place.  One of the judges was the House Chaplain.

The story can be found here.

I’m posting the links here because I’m a Minnesotan, I like hotdish and I like to share things, but mostly because I use my blog as a scrapbook, journal, and whatever else I feel like doing and I want to be able to find the recipes again.


  1. 1
    Carol E. Says:

    Thanks for sharing the link to the recipes! I love hotdish! I think it’s funny that you did not define “hotdish” for your readers who are not Midwesterners. Do they know of what you speak? (My nephew’s wife from St. Louis had no idea.)

  2. 2

    Carol E: You’re welcome. I love hotdish, too! I decided not to worry about a definition. I figured if someone was curious, they would either ask me or Google it. You familiar with hot beef commercials? People who don’t know what they are think they have somehting to do with advertising. Funny name for another great Midwestern meal!

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