Super Scarf Thank-you Notes

I have received two thank you notes from people who received their Super Scarves as part of their volunteer uniform for the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl.  Gosh, the notes made my day bright!

The Super Scarf Project requested that each scarf be accompanied by a comment card/note to the volunteer who would receive the hand-crafted piece.  There was a space at the bottom of the comment card where the knitter/crocheter/weaver could leave an email address in case the volunteer wanted to thank the maker of their scarf.

One volunteer who wrote to me didn’t receive one of my scarves, but hadn’t gotten a comment card either.  Not having someone to thank, the volunteer thanked me.  That is so touching!  I understand the variety of reasons why a comment card might not have been included.  I think a couple of my scarves went in the mail without comment cards, too.  When I completed a scarf, I was so eager and happy to send it that I may have forgotten the paperwork, too.  I take no responsibility for my forgetfulness in this instance.  I blame the scarves.  They were just in a hurry to get to Indianapolis.  ;-)

I have been constantly blessed by the kindness and generosity of this entire project.  And now that the knitting is done, I can still enjoy it all as I sit back and hear from whomever takes the time to get in touch with me about the scarves they received.

Believe it or not, the Super Scarf total is up again from last week.  I checked the count today and the website shows 13,024 scarves have been collected.  Wow!  When I get to Indy, I am going on a Super Scarf scavenger hunt – with my camera!


  1. 1
    Travis Says:

    Now that’s a nice side benefit of all that knitting.

  2. 2
    Sheila Says:

    I thought you might like seeing this pic a friend of mine took. Too cute.

    Super Scarves on the dinos at The Children's Museum #sb46 #indy #social46 #superbowl

    A photo posted by Craig Dodge Lile (@craigdodgelile) on

  3. 3

    Sheila: Oh!!! That’s the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the dinos are wearing Super Scarves too. Thanks for sharing the link to the photo. I can’t wait to see it in person.

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