A Knitting Weekend

It’s snowing here.  Football will be on television later today.  I’m busy knitting.  Life is good . . . cold, but good.

The Red Bull Crashed Ice event has been going on since Thursday.  The finals are tonight.  I snapped another photo of the downhill course, lit in blue in the pre-dawn hours of yesterday morning.

The 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Super Scarf Project deadline has come and gone.  I received confirmation that scarf #45 and #46 have arrived in Indy.  Yea!  I checked the Super Scarf website just now and the total has gone up since the last time I looked.  They show a total of 12, 94 scarves!  Wow!  Not only that, but there is a very inspirational video of a woman who crocheted 250 scarves!  I’ve watched it three times already.  Check the link for yourself and have a look.

Only 22 days left before the Super Bowl!!!!!! 

So, what’s left to do?

As I completed each scarf, I saved whatever yarn was left, be it more or less.  I wound the remainders of my purchased skeins into balls and stowed them away to use as I needed.  I used some of the leftovers for fringes and some for the applique work that I did.  It all seemed to work out rather economically, actually.

After knitting 46 Super Scarves, I took all the little balls of yarn, put them in a glass bowl and used it as a holiday decoration.  It got topped with a little Indianapolis Colts’ mascot ornament that Indybro gave me.

It may be a bit difficult to see, but the glass bowl is full and there is yarn behind the little ornament.

But Christmas is over and I decided to devise a knitting project to use up the remaining blue and white yarn.  I am getting to the end . . . of the yarn and the project.

I decided to knit a baby item to donate to a church collection happening this weekend at the church GN and I attend.  I will post a photo of the project when it’s completed and it may remind some of you of . . . a friend I made last September.  ;-)


  1. 1
    Travis Says:

    I’m looking out my window this morning at about 2 inches of snow on the ground. I’m glad I’m off work today.

  2. 2

    Trav: I watched the weather forecast this morning and saw the saw in your area!� I’m glad you are off work, too!

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