Is that Snow Fella wearing a Super Scarf??

Oh dear!  I have a feeling it will take me quite some time to recover from the chronic case of Super Scarf knitting that I’ve had for so long.  (Is it really something from which a knitter should expect a recovery, anyway?)  The thing is, it has opened my eyes to what may have formerly gone unnoticed.  I gave you an example from an old movie yesterday.  Today’s example is from a white board in a coffee shop.

Goodnight and I went out for a cup of tea this morning – lazy and relaxed.  We sat in a quiet room just off the service line in the shop.  We’d been there over an hour before I looked up at the white board and noticed the snowman someone had drawn.

At first, Super Snow Fella was just wearing a Super Scarf.

Okay, confession time.  The scarf didn’t actually have stripes when we got to the coffee shop, but they were easy enough to add by taking away a little blue color here and there . . . and there . . . and there.

Then, that Spunky Snow Guy decided to toss around a football and remind everyone of the big game.  I’m not saying who altered the snowman, but word has it that the coffee shop security camera captured an image of the pony-tailed artist at work.  ;-)

Our Super Snow Guy may not be at the “epicenter of awesome”* in Indianapolis, but some fabulous free entertainment will be there.  Check out the entertainment schedule slated for Super Bowl Village:

Must scoot.  I’m gonna toss that snowman art-bandit into a swimming pool this afternoon!


*quote from the 2012 Super Bowl Village website link provided above


  1. 1
    Travis Says:

    Just one more regular season game before the playoffs begin! My 49ers are in, and with a win and just a little bit of help, my Raiders might get in too. That would be fantastic, since both teams have been down for an awfully long time.

  2. I like the fact that there is a snowman art bandit!

  3. 3

    Carol: Thanks for telling me you got the book from the library. I think it’s sweet, too. I have a copy of my own, but the first itme I gave it as a gift was when Officer Friendly died. I sent one to his sister.

  4. 4

    Dancing: Me too!

  5. 5

    Travis: Thanks for sharing. I think it’s loads more fun to watch when I know some folks who like particular teams. Football ain’t over yet!

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