Is that a Super Scarf around Santa’s Neck???

Goodnight and I are in the middle of our Christmas Movie Marathon.  I love it.  Each movie brings back its own good memories – old and new.

Case in point: the delightful recent memory that came to mind while watching Mrs. Santa Claus starring Angela Lansbury and Charles Durning, a made for TV movie from 1996.  It was GN’s turn to pick the Christmas movie for marathon viewing and it was her choice for this morning.

Funny . . . I never noticed before, but near the very end of the movie, when Mrs. Santa Claus returns from some time away from the North Pole, she wraps a beautiful scarf around her husband’s neck before he is to take off on his journey around the world.

But wait! . . . . Oh no!!  Could it be?  Does she wrap him up in a 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Super Scarf???   :-D


Not really.  The movie came out long before Indianapolis was even selected as the venue for the big football game in February of 2012, but I have had such a wonderful time with all the blue and white Super Scarf knitting I’ve done over the last year and a half that those blue and white knit stripes stuck out like a blinking billboard when she wrapped the scarf around Santa’s neck!  I think it has the approved shade of blue, too!!

Super Bowl 2012 is only 40 days away and the event schedule is online at: . 

In case you haven’t heard, this will be the first time that the NFL will allow fans to attend a Super Bowl Media Day.  Fans will also get to see the participating teams take their teams photos in their game day uniforms.  Fun!!!  Find more information at:

I can’t say that Santa Claus will be there, but I know there will be over 12,295 blue and white Super Scarves wrapped around the necks of volunteers and hospitality employees who’ve participated in the Super Service initiative.

Before I get back to my Christmas Movie Marathon, did you know that Charles Durning has appeared as Santa Claus five times, to date, in films or made-for-television movies?  I only have two of them so guess what I’ll be keeping my eyes open for at thrift shops in the upcoming months?  Yup!  Santa Claus!

Fa la la la lah!


  1. 1

    Carol: Doesn’t it? It just made me ‘smile out loud!!!” Happy, Happy Scarf!
    Dunno about the events, but I have a plan I’m about to hatch . . . ;-)

  2. 2
    Travis Says:

    That’s an awful lot of scarves! Well done to all the knitters!

  3. 3
    Carol E. Says:

    Too funny — a Super Scarf on Santa!!

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