Super Scarf Project for 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl

Since I just admitted to cheating on Christmas cookie-baking in my previous post, I might as well admit to some other rule-breaking, too!  ;-)

I just checked the 2012 Indianapolis Super Bowl Super Scarf Project website and I noticed that the count is up to 12,182 scarves collected so far.


So, while everyone at 2012 Super Bowl Central is standing, cheering and clapping about the scarves, I hope they won’t notice that I am going to break their deadline rule.  Actually, they didn’t establish any ‘rules’.  They called them ‘guidelines’ for their Super Scarf Project and since I’ve broken all the others except for the deadline guideline, I decided not to be a selective rule-breaker, but a collective rule-breaker.  (Blame the energy I saved by not baking Christmas cookies.)

I am working on Super Scarf #45 and I’m just going to send it to ’em when I’m done!  If you want to scold me for cheating on Christmas cookie baking and breaking deadline guidelines, you can find me in the gym at Goodnight’s school.  I’ll be the Grammy with the blue and white yarn on my knitting needles!  Just don’t scold me when that cute Point Guard is dribbling!

Check out the Super Scarf website, though:


  1. 1
    Carol Says:

    It’s hard to believe that they’ll turn down a G.G. creation, no matter when it’s received!

  2. 2
    Travis Says:

    I say this is an acceptable cheat because it’s in a good cause. And I’m sure they won’t send the scarf back because it comes to them just a little bit late.

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