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Stripey Sox Update

November 9, 2010

On October 21, 2010, I posted a piece about stripey sox.  That was in response to two of my blog buddies who were wearing stripey sox.  It was great!

Well . . . another blog buddy stepped up and dangled her feet in front of her camera donning some stripey sox.  Lucky for me I cruised the blogosphere and saw her post complete with pix.

Have a look for yourself.   And if you feel like jumping on the bandwagon, drop me a line or a link.  I’ll find your feet!

Thanks, Carol E.!  Made me smile!

Still Resting . . .

November 8, 2010

Oh what the heck . . . I’ll admit it.  I’m gonna milk this surgery recovery a little bit.   I dragged my way through last week and was exhausted by week’s end.  So, I’m resting more, dragging less, knitting and blog-hopping for Peace.  There are some GREAT peace posts out there.

And I’m not cooking either.  Thank goodness for the remains of Dinner by Alphabet in my freezer!  (Long story if you weren’t here for my Dinner by Alphabet New Year’s Resolution.)  Just as good as when Goodnight and I made them!

“Football Practice” – Super Scarf #13

November 5, 2010

For today’s Super Scarf, I wanted to use a different knitting technique.  I wanted to incorporate a combination a texture and openwork (Let’s not call it lace for a gender neutral scarf, okay?) and see if I could fashion some footballs in a scarf.

I liked the result, so I thought I would share it with you.

I tried to keep the scarf to one skein of Red Heart Super Saver because it makes for an economical scarf and since there are no dye, lots I didn’t have to worry about matching colors.

The combination of textured stitches gives the impression of a football silhouette and the openwork gives the hint of football lacing.

Twisted stitches connect one row of footballs to the next.  For this scarf, there are fifteen rows of three footballs, which means you get to knit them over and over.  Hence, “football practice.”

Hope you like it.  If you’d like to knit one, click the link for the pdf pattern.  Football Practice – Super Scarf

Dona Nobis Pacem

November 3, 2010

Knitting a World of Peace


Knit: to join closely; unite securely.

From: The

Knit Peace Globe was designed and knit by:


This past summer, I had the opportunity to travel to the International Peace Garden.  I entered the Peace Garden north of Dunseith, North Dakota.  It was my second visit to the garden.  The first time I went alone – for a quiet visit.  This past summer, I took Goodnight so she could have a quiet visit, too.

Blog Blast for Peace Day might be a great day to take a virtual tour of the International Peace Garden.  Find your way to the Peace Chapel and click the link there to read the peace quotes that have been carved into stone in the chapel. 

Then travel the blogoshpere to find more bloggers for peace.  Start with Mimi’s page.  Scroll down to see the list of peace bloggers and check out their blogs for peace.  Peace is worth it.  And then check Trav’s page.  He posted a peace quote every day for the last month and on the eve of Blog Blast for Peace, he posted them all together in one place.

So . . . . . Peace to all who stop here today.  Peace in your actions.  Peace in your facial expressions.  Peace in your gestures.  Peace in your body language.  Peace in your words.  Peace in your thoughts.  Peace in your hearts.  Peace in your examples.  Peace in your pathways.  Peace in your futures.  Peace in your memories . . .


How much rest can a gram get when her toe tickles?

November 2, 2010

Goodnight is a trooper!  She’s been pretty tolerant of this whole gram/surgery thing and I’m sure it bothers her that I need to rest.  But she manages. 

Last evening, while I was resting on the couch, I felt a tickle on my toe.  She was drawing a picture . . . . with a permanent black marker.  She claimed to be trying to cheer me up, but I’m not so sure it was totally for my benefit.  I’ll let you decide, but somehow, I think a smiley face with its tongue sticking out drawn on the bottom of my big toe is more for her benefit than mine.

She’s  Pixie!

After her ‘artsy’ interlude, she had to get to her math homework.  She had a few wrong in the first half of the assignment and I thought about drawing her smiley face with its tongue sticking out on her homework next to the incorrect answers, but I refrained!  The face on my toe will fade.  The face on her homework would . . . . not have been appreciated as much.

Fine line between brave and stupid . . .

November 1, 2010

I try not to be a whiner.  It’s never very becoming.  I suppose the older I become, I could get by with more of it, but yet . . . . I try to be brave.

Like this surgery thingy, for example.  I actually never took any pain meds once I got out of post-op.  They hooked me up to a PCA pump and I could have had my share of dilaudid while in the hospital.  Since I’ve been home, I could have been on Vicodin, too.

But no . . . . I just got up and walked around my room the first day, then did the hall shuffle each day in the hospital after that.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve felt the fatigue increasing.

Went to the surgeon today, had another little procedure, and talked about recovery time.

Oh?!!  No driving for another week?  But how do you think I got here today?  Um . . . . the fatigue is expected for two weeks?  Thank goodness!  I thought I was gonna kick the can!

Enough with the ‘bravery’ . . . . I’m taking the drugs and then sleeping off the fatigue til I feel like I’m done whining inside.  To heck with walking up and down the block and pretending to be chipper.  The pallor in my eyes is not chipper-inducing!  I’m gonna shuffle around the house in my jammies and slippers and let the machine take my phone calls.

Bravery . . . . phooey!  Gram is just gonna curl up and chill on the couch.  Don’t wake me unless my ball of yarn rolls behind the TV . . . ok?

p.s. Here’s the kind of terrible daughter I am.  Gr8’s tooth was hurting and I asked her to call for an appointment to have it looked at.  I check on her today and she told me she got in this afternoon.  I asked her what time her appointment was.  She told me 2:30.  I snorted laughter immediately and thought of the irony.  Gr8 was simpley puzzled.  “What did I say?” Gr8 asked me.  She’d never heard the dentist joke punchline before:  Q: What time is your dental appointment?  A:  tooth-hurty.   Gr8 laughed and decided she would tell them at the clinic when she got there.  She’s a good mother.  I on the other hand need to work on my daughter role a little bit. . . .  Can I blame my “bravery?”