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Two Cuties!

November 27, 2010

I’ve been hosting company for over a week  and as part of the entertainment, I’ve been having a Hitchcock film festival.

While viewing one of the films I fell in love swiftly and completely.  Let me introduce you to the cuties that stole my heart:

The still photo is precious enough.  I snapped it from my TV, but it came from The Farmer’s Wife, a silent Hitchcock film from 1928.  If you’d like to see these cuties in motion, click on the movie link, slide the time to 2:13 and let the film run until 2:48 or so.  It’s not even a full minute of viewing, but the way they ran across the yard, climbed the stairs and snuggled their heads together is an endearing film moment.  Don’t hit the stop button too quickly – you have to see them from the backside, too!

I don’t have any pets in my home, but I’ve shared a household with five dogs over the years.  Even Goodnight fell in love with these two sweeties.  She snapped the same photo I did and has it as her screen saver on her cell phone.

There is a scene later in the film with a TON of beagles.  If you’re curious, click on this link to Part 9/11, move the time to 2:57 and watch the beginning of the fox hunt – to about 3:21.  They are shown again from 4:13 – 4:19.  How many beagles do you think there are?

The dogs are not the plot of the film, but I have dibs on the first two as my new virtual pets!