Time Out

I’m in a time out.  I haven’t been naughty, but I sent myself to my room anyway.  The good news is that when you get to be a Gram and send yourself to your room, the room doesn’t necessarily have to be in your own home!!!!

Here’s the one I sent me to . . .



I didn’t think I could send myself to a room in a tropical location, but the billboard outside my room helps a lot!!!  Would it be stretching the truth too  far to say that the beach is just outside my window?

I am going to knit, swim, knit, read, knit, watch TV, knit and put my feet up while I stare at the billboard.  Honestly, the billboard is so close to my window that if I squint to eliminate the advertizing and stare at the hut  . . . . I can almost feel the warm sand . . . almost.


  1. 1
    Carol Says:

    It looks like you’re timing out in a comfy place!

    And the view!

    At least it reminds you to imagine, warmth, water, and welaxation! ;-)


  2. 2
    digitalcatharsis Says:

    wow, such a nice way to relax! enjoy! have a nice time!

  3. 3
    Travis Says:

    Now that’s my kind of time out! Enjoy!

  4. 4
    Cathy Says:

    Hello there
    Is life a bit grim at the moment? Looks like a nice spot to wish to be transported to – beam me over there Scotty lol

  5. Just stopping by to say hello and wish you well.

    I’m having a bit of time out from blogging for various reasons.

    Sending love and by the way, don’t forget to knit! :-)

  6. 6
    Sandie Says:

    GG:  Was looking for a clip of the 3 Tenors in Bath in 2003 singing It is Well with My Soul but found this article instead


  7. 7
    Sandie Says:

    I was reading “about” you and was reminded about the hymn this morning. Sorry these comments are disconnected!

  8. 8
    Carol Says:

    Wishing you a sweet Thanksgiving!

  9. 9

    Cathy: No, life isn’t grim at the moment at all. I’ve been entertaining guest and hosting a couple of parties.

  10. 10

    Carol: Thanks very much.

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