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“What Magic Comes from Books!!!” – Super Scarf #15

November 17, 2010

Time for another Super Bowl 2012 Super Scarf. 

I wanted to do something a little different (different doesn’t mean difficult) in order to honor the 22 branches of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library (IMPCL) which got on board early in the Super Scarf Project to serve as collection points for completed scarves and to provide knit kits for volunteers interested in knitting scarves.  I can only imagine how many scarves will come directly from the participation of the libraries!

It got me to thinking about books, libraries, knitting, and Super Scarves and I think I devised a way to combine all that magic.  Let me know what you think.

In the above photo, it looks like we have a book with a book mark hanging out.  The title of the book is XLVI, because in 2012, Indianapolis will host the 46th Super Bowl.  Super Bowls are numbered in Roman numerals.

What you see is not really a book mark, however . . . . .

I decided that a Super Scarf needed to be the main character of my book and what looks like a bookmark is actually one of the sections of knit fringe that I intentionally left sticking out!

The scarf is simply done in garter stitch, but rather than attach a stranded fringe, I decided to knit mini-scarves to represent the scarves that came/will come from the IMPCL and their efforts to get people knitting.  I knit each mini-scarf in garter stitch and when I had five completed, I combined them on a needle and worked the full scarf in garter stitch until I arrived at the opposite end of the scarf where I knit five more mini-scarves.

The book cover is knit separately using the seed stitch.  The closure strap is seed stitch as well.  I made the button.  It isn’t quite a Dorset button, but I started out using that method.  I used a very small ring and the thick yarn made for a rounded button.  I added the white in the center of the rounded button using a French knot.

I got into the IMPCL’s online catalog and hunted for some knit lit.  I don’t mean the pattern books, I mean literature.  There are TONS of stories that mention knitting, LOTS of stories that use a knitted garment in the plot, and SEVERAL stories that actually have knit scarves as a main (inanimate) character in a story.

Jeremy’s Muffler by Laura F. Nielson

The Long Red Scarf by Nette Hilton

The Scarves by Daniela Bunge

Grandpa Bear’s Fantastic Scarf by Gillian Heal

Milly, Molly and the Secret Scarves by  Gill Pittar

Time’s Up by Annie Bryant

Those are all children’s books, but they’re sweet stories nonetheless. 

There is magic in books, magic in reading, magic in knitting, and magic that came from the efforts of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Libraries.

Read a book.  Knit a Super Scarf.  Or do both!!!!

Happy knitting.