There’s reason they call it “Tween.”

I know I was pining for the playground a while back, but the truth is, I just want to enjoy each of Goodnight’s stages.  Tough as the ‘tween’ times can be, we just go with the flow.

Goodnight’s been wanting her ears pierced for a while, but not having enough time to have that conversation with her mother, I decided Goodnight had to wait until she turned thirteen.  We’re close enough to that landmark and Goodnight had a five-day weekend to allow the redness to subside before going to school, so I decided to take her for the big event.  Frankly, much sooner wouldn’t have worked because Goodnight has always been squeamish.  But she was ready.

She almost immediately started to carry herself in a more grown-up posture.

No worries . . . . . it didn’t last long.  In the same five-day weekend, after the ear-piercing event, she was outside playing in the first snowfall of the season.  She bedecked the front yard with a tall snow person.  She made the red polar fleece scarf herself.  It was a scrap from the blankets that Officer Friendly made to donate to people in wheelchairs. 

And then she lined the end of the driveway with little snow people. (The orange flags are to show the plow where the driveway ends, but even after the first snow fall, they are invisible for most of the winter.)

When she finished her work, she came into the house for some hot chocolate.  Not even five minutes later, we heard a noise.  I know it was the snowplow, but it might as well have been the collective screams of the little snow people.  :-(

From ear-piercing to playing in the snow – I think I’ll keep her for a while longer.  It snowed all day yesterday and the “Tween” and I played table top air hockey, set up her tent for watching movies with her stuffed  buddies,  talked about aerobic and anerobic germs for her scinece fair project, and baked a pizza together.  I wouldn’t change a thing!  (Well, I’d like it if her mother could have joined us, but . . . . you know what I mean.)  Goodnight is a peach!


  1. 1
    Maya R Says:

    She looks like a peach! you are so blessed Gram!

  2. 2
    Carol Says:

    Aaaaahhhhh… poor, little snow people!

    Why do I have a feeling that Goodnight’s mom IS there with you two???

  3. 3
    Philip Says:

    She is a cute. I always wanted a daughter. Instead I got to help a couple of friends raise there daughters. I particularly enjoy the young teen girls who are confusing/confused, girl/woman creatures. My dear daughter (pretend) Carrie, at that age, at one moment would be trying out her seductive moves on me and the next she would be clutching a stuffed toy and sucking her thumb. I love her so. She has matured into a lovely adult woman, wife and mother. I cherish the memories of our times together when she was a tween and teen and young woman.

  4. 4
    Travis Says:

    Wow. That looks like a pretty decent amount for the first snow fall.

    I’m glad she’s still interested in making snowmen.

  5. 5
    Debra Says:

    Goodnight looks so pretty! What a blessing I know she is to you. I am amazed at that snow! Wow!

  6. 6

    Trav: We had about 8 1/2 inches on Saturday. that was plenty for the first snowfall!

  7. 7

    Maya: Yes. I feel blessed.

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