Quilted One Patch Triangle Illusion Face Cloth© – or Carol’s Cloth©

I think I’ve been hanging around on some quilting blogs too much.  Is that possible?  Nah!  The colors, combinations and designs that quilters come up with is worth the trek to any site – if only for the photos.  I love the color!

Besides, I have a quilter friend who just retired from her long career.  She’s going to have so much more time for quilting and I must admit to being a teeny bit jealous.

So I got to wondering if I could knit something that resembled a quilt design, but do it in the Illusion/Shadow style of knitting.  Hah!  I did it, though it took a fair amount of head-scratching.  All the better for me because thinking will keep me going until I get to retire like Carol.


One Patch Triangle Illusion Face Cloth© or Carol’s Cloth©

I knit three face cloths for the photo.  The center cloth in the photo below shows what happens when Color A is Darker than Color B.  The more obvious triangles are the ones that point downward.  In the top and bottom cloths, Color A is lighter than Color B, so the more obvious triangles point upward.  Decide which way you want to do it.  Then pick a favorite sports team’s colors, or knit a holiday colorway . . . .

You can see that the one patch triangles disappear as the camera angle goes to ninety degrees.  The top face cloth is purple and gold for a Vikings fan I know.

If you want to try knitting the Quilted One Patch Illusion Face Cloth, click the link for the PDF file: Quilted One Patch Triangles Illusion Face Cloth.

Happy knitting!

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