Cattails Illusion Table Runner – Knitting Pattern

I have some English Stoneware that I bought when I was a MUCH younger woman.  Acquiring the pieces is a story in and of itself.  But my project for this week was to come up with a table runner to set off the stoneware.

Because of the stoneware colors, I thought of cattails and how they border the wetlands across the street from our townhouse.

I’d like to brag that I got a satisfactory result with the first take, but I didn’t – not because I made mistakes in the knitting, but because I kept changing my mind on the hem, the charts, etc.  But that’s fun for me and not frustrating to rip and begin again. 

I like the final result.  What I came up with required only two skeins of cotton: one of each color.

Illusion Knitting is also called Shadow Knitting.  In the photo below, the shadows of the cattails doesn’t completely disappear as the camera angle changed.  That’s because of the color contrast and the larger areas of color. 

I like it!  Even if you don’t have the stoneware, it makes a great runner for autumn, because of the colors.  So go to the lake, or your nearest wetland and cut some cattails for your table!  Don’t forget to toss them out before they burst.  :-)

Click on the link for the PDF pattern.  Cattails Illusion Table Runner

Happy knitting!

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  1. 1
    Carol Says:

    That’s very warm and classy-looking and it looks nice with your stoneware.

    Ahhhhh… my house is so boring…

  2. 2

    Carol: Thanks! Does warm and classy mean dark and old? ;-) That’s what ‘Angel’ would have said. She told me my decorating style is the “dry, dead, dark look,” cattails, milkweed pods, catalpa pods . . . And I have my doubts that your house is boring!

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