Earth Day – Drops of Water Illusion Face Cloth Pattern

Today is the 4oth anniversary of Earth Day.  Since 75% of the Earth is water, Goodnight focused on water conservation for her most recent science fair project.  I decided to knit her a new face cloth with drops of water images on it and share the Illusion/Shadow knitting pattern with you.


Here is a link to the PDF file: Earth Day Water Drops Illusion Cloth Pattern.

NOTE: If you downloaded the pdf prior to 10/10/2012, there was an error in line 38 that has been corrected.  The pdf in the link above reflects to correction.  Thank you to the kindness of the reader who contacted me!

Goodnight did a wonderful job on her science project.  It lasted three months, the amount of time in one cycle of our water bill.  Her goal was to see if we could reduce our water bill noticeably.  She began her research during the summer because she knew how long the billing cycle was and she didn’t want to get caught short during the school year.

I explained our water bill to her, showed her past bills from the same billing cycle of previous years and walked her though the math of converting units to gallons.  The water bill charges in units and she needed to understand the concept.  I explained that there was a minimum charge and even if we went below that, we would pay the minimum charge.  She caught on quickly.

In the end, we had reduced our water bill quite significantly and have maintained the newer, lower number of units on our water bill.

Along with her new Drops of Water Illusion Face Cloth, I bought some chocolate Earth Balls for her to take to school to share with her class today.  (Psssst – I brought a few along to work to share at the college, too.)

After work yesterday, Goodnight and I took a walk around the Nature Center that is close to our home.  Officer Friendly’s oldest son did his Eagle Scout project in that Nature Center years ago, and I love walking the path he made to see how things change over time and seasons.  Goodnight loves it too.  After all, shouldn’t enjoying our planet be an important message of Earth Day, too?*

Have a great Earth Day!


  1. 1
    preston Says:

    i am hoping this will come to my email inbox everytime you post a new blog.


  2. 2
    Cheryl Says:

    You rain drops face cloth, im confused over the long tail cast on … k1 p1k1?

  3. 3

    Cheryl: Yep! You can do a long tail cast on in K and P. Check out the video at this link to see the technique:
    Glad you asked!

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