With a Nod to Robert Frost

April 1, 2015

Stopping by the River on a Sunny Afternoon


Whose bridge this is I think I know.

   From time to time, I like to go

It matters much, my stopping here,

   to watch the river water flow.


My daughter’s child beside me here,

   the Chevro-sleigh parked very near

between the river and the town.

   The warmest day so far this year.


The bridge provides a lovely frame,

   but soon will not quite be the same.*

Because a soul was buried there

   The river had a different name.**  


The river’s lovely, dark and deep.

   Its lapping waters never sleep.

And I still had a schedule to keep.

  And I still had a schedule to keep.


*The Stillwater Lift Bridge will close to automobile traffic and be transformed into bike/hike bridge in 2016. Construction of a new bridge is well underway downstream.

** Father Louis Hennepin named it ‘The River of the Grave’ because the Natives had buried one of their men there. He had been bitten by a rattlesnake.

The Helpfulness of Readers

March 31, 2015

A big shout out and thanks to Far Side of Fifty for finding information about the little plastic piece I showed in my post yesterday!!! I never had a box for mine, so had no identifying information.

They are candle vases made in Detroit, Michigan in the 1950’s and ’60’s. You can check out my previous post if you’re curious, but a few commenters were interested in looking for their own, so maybe these photos will help. The photo below shows the bottom sides of the candle vases. They easily slip onto tapered candles. You can see by the photo on the box that they are meant to hold fresh flowers. 


Here is another version of the packaging, but the vases look the same.


Good luck to those interested in looking for a set and thanks to Far Side of Fifty for finding the product information!

A Daisy Project For Goodnight

March 30, 2015

I don’t remember exactly where I bought them, but I do remember that I didn’t know what they were right away. I spotted two little plastic ‘things’ at a thrift store many years ago and had to turn them over in my hand, scratch my head a bit, and wonder why they were in the housewares section of the store.

And then . . . I figured it out even though I had never seen such things before!

The little ‘things’ I found are vases that slip over tapered candles, much like a bobeche for catching drips, but the pieces I found are for holding water and cut flowers. They slide all the way down and rest atop the candlesticks. There is a top plastic piece with holes to hold stems and that piece is removable for ease of adding water.


I showed my granddaughter the pieces and gave her the pleasant task of cutting daisies and arranging them in the rings. She did a great job!



I told her it was practice for our Easter table because she didn’t remember the little vases and I wanted her to learn how to use them. The blossoms will likely need refreshing and if they don’t, then we’re good to go. 

Daisy Interlude Continued

March 29, 2015

I had a few daisy buttons to use up and enough yellow cotton left from my Easter placemat knitting to make a little cozy for the mason jar I’m using as a vase for some daisies. It’s a sleeve – no bottom and I made it short because I didn’t want to cover the entire jar and because it will work with a pint jar as well. image Worsted cotton Size 5 (US) dpns

Work on 40 stitches Garter stitch for 11 rounds (remember . . . garter in the round means knit 1 round, purl 1 round) start and end with purl round for this cozy.

K4, P4 for four rounds. P4, K4 for four rounds. K4, P4 for four rounds.

Repeat garter stitch rounds from above.

Bind off. Weave in ends.

Decorate with buttons.

The mason jar cozy pattern resembles the placemat pattern, but on an adjusted scale. 

Funeral For A Tree

March 28, 2015

Please join me in heading to this post written by Far Side of Fifty. I am joining her in a bit of remembrance . . .

Do listen to Funeral For A Tree from The Lorax, if you have two minutes. It’s lovely.


“Otters”, Bubbles, and a Dry Run

March 28, 2015

Some things on my “otter-do” list can wait awhile and I get to them when I have the time. Other “otters” need to be put at the top of the list as they come to the attention of the . . . “otter” tender.

Yup! I found one of those that needed attention.

There were a number of bi-fold doors that came with this palace townhouse we live in. I wish I knew how many times I’ve had to lift them out and fix/replace something or other on them, but I have never had to replace the roller guides.

I think there was a roller guide union meeting this week while I was at work and I think they decided to go on strike! Three of the roller guides in the house broke at the roller and I knew I “otter” get to them asap!

One broken bi-fold door roller guide and one new bi-fold door roller guide.


Luckily, there were two packages of roller guides on the shelf at my local “Otter Fix-It” store, with each package containing two roller guides.

This was a Goodnight/Gram team event. I could do the lifting, removing, and replacing just fine, but when it came to returning the doors to their upright position, I needed to hold the door up in place while Goodnight guided the lower pin into the hole in the floor. Yea for team “otter” events! Thanks for your help, GN.


It’s been cold here this week. We got some snow, but not as much as other parts of the state. GN and I decided to ignore the temperature and break out some lemonade and . . . bubbles. Do you know that 17-year-olds will still have fun with bubbles? Check out the bubble pix!




I was finally able to finish knitting my yellow Easter placemats and in the quiet of the late afternoon, I decided to have a dry run at setting my Easter table. I already had the cloth napkins and I wanted to see if they would work with the daisies. I think they do. 


Time to wind down into the weekend now! I have an appointment with my slippers, my couch, a wee bit of ice cream and . . . March Madness!

Are you cheering on any specific teams?

A Daisy Interlude!

March 25, 2015

Somewhere between the lunch I skipped at work today and picking up Goodnight after school, I decided I needed some time for myself…no thinking about work or what to make for dinner. Spring has been flirting with us here in Minnesota, so I decided that daisies should be my distraction.

I have been knitting some (one so far cuz I’ve been working extra hours) spring placemats and I wanted a little something to spiff them up a wee bit. I thought daisies at the top corners would look nice, so I headed to the fabric store to buy some daisy buttons!

There is a thrift shop near the fabric store, so I nosed around a while and found some frivolous daisy ornamentation! (I once dated a guy who said jewelry was frivolous ornamentation.)

image As I was about to pay for my daisy necklace, I spotted a bouquet of artificial daisies and I decided they could come home with me, too.

The buttons have been sewn onto the first placemat and I like the look.  image The bouquet of flowers has been put in a mason jar vase. image And the necklace is so cheery that I will wear it to work tomorrow. It will soften the sting of whatever overnight weather decides to fall from the sky…snow, rain, or both. 

If Given the Choice, Take the Mole Hill!

March 22, 2015

It’s easy to innocently make a mountain out of a mole hill, isn’t it?

I recently stopped at what I thought was a garage sale. There was ‘stuff’ piled near the end of a neighborhood driveway and I saw two people carrying more things to deposit on the blacktop. I thought they were setting up for a sale and I had seen something that I wanted to ask about, so I did.

The husband said, “Just take it! It’s free!” In response to my quizzical expression, he and his wife then took turns telling me the story of the stuff on the driveway and why it was free.

At the end of all that, I took the item to my car and put it in the back. I was very grateful for that particular item, so I walked back to hand the couple some money. They didn’t want to accept it, but I convinced them to take it.

As I turned to leave, the husband said, “Hang on a sec! Do you want this too? It’s great and it still works. We just don’t need it.” It was an Aerobed. The timing was perfect! Goodnight was having a sleepover that night and the Aerobed sounded like a better solution than the sleepover options I have used over the years, so I accepted it . . . with no instructions on how to use it.

I figured out the inflation process easily: plug it in and then push the switch until enough air went in to make it firm. Goodnight said the bed was a hit. She tested it out before her BFF arrived.   image The sleepover came and went and the bed was moved to my room so I could clean it, deflate it, wash the cover, and put it all away for the next time.

Here comes the mountain/mole hill part.

I was stumped as to how to get the air out. What do I know? I have blown up beach balls and to deflate them, you open the plug and push. I have blown up basketballs and bike tires and the air knows how to leak out by itself. But the bed?

Well . . . I spotted an opening with a cap screwed on and decided that was how the air needed to come out, except that the cap was screwed on very tight. Below is a photo of the ‘mountain.’ image I huffed and I puffed and tried to get the cap off, with no success after several tries. The bed stood upright in my room as if to taunt me while I pondered if my pipe wrench would open wide enough to provide enough torque to open the cap.

But . . . I decided to use technology to my advantage and checked online for instructions on how to deflate an Aerobed. Turns out it was a very good thing I could not unscrew the cap. There is a MUCH simpler way to get the air out . . . with just the push of a button – the ‘mole hill’. It might be hard to see, but the easy-push button is in the center of the black area directly below the red writing. image I don’t mind making some mistakes. They give me a good laugh at myself and keep me humble . . . very humble. The bed is clean, deflated, and stowed away for the next sleepover and the next time, I will choose the mole hill over the mountain!

I’m not worried, though. There will be other mountains. ~

My 38-Degree F Early Morning Picnic

March 20, 2015

I planned a quiet breakfast

     for sunrise at the lake.


Alas, the geese had different plans.

     You know what noise they make???


They honk! They hiss! They cackle too!

     They swoop! They splash! They fly!


And when I put my breakfast out,

     the parade just floated by.


When food and geese had been enjoyed,

     I strolled my ‘knitting pier’.


Those fishing might not be aware,

   but we all are ‘casting’ here.


They cast their lines, then cast their nets

     to gather fish to eat.

I cast my stitches . . . on, then off . . .

     to warm up heads and hands and feet. 

A News Article That Made My Day!!!

March 18, 2015

The headline from Yahoo news speaks for itself,


but you can read the full article here. Nothing new going on, but I love the publicity for the craft!

A long time ago, I picked up a flyer from the yarn department at a craft store. It says “Reduce Stress” and pictures a woman knitting. I saved the flyer and put it into a kaleidoscope I made with little knitting gadgets in the compartment that makes the images one views from the other end. I keep it near my knitting rocking chair.


Happy mental health to you all!


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