October 9, 2015

I stopped at my favorite thrift shop on the way home from work yesterday. I was looking for something in particular, but having no luck in that regard, I wandered the other departments in the shop.

Imagine my glee at finding a bunch of books for $1.97! Awesome, right?

Okay, so all the books were printed on a scarf. It falls in the category of too cute to pass up. It’s a large fashion scarf measuring 34″x34″ and the book shelves are printed on the diagonal.


I looked online for a similar scarf and found a vintage Hermes bookshelf scarf for $200. The thing is, if the $200 scarf was folded in half diagonally to wear around one’s neck, the book design would be compromised by the fold and some books would be up-side-down. That won’t happen to my scarf because the diagonal fold was included in the design.

Look at the photo below. The fold line is obvious and when folded properly, none of the books are up-side-down as they would be in the vintage Hermes scarf. See the fold line? I marked it with arrows. 


Perfect timing for my thrifty bookshelf scarf find. Yesterday, the day the winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Literature was announced. Congratulations to Svetlana Alexievich of Belarus, the 14th woman to receive the Literature prize.

Books, books, books!

She Makes Me Laugh!

October 8, 2015

I just sent my granddaughter a text. It was to remind her to check her gig line. More about that in a moment.

As GN’s legal guardian, I take good care of her and I watch how she’s doing in school. I don’t sweat the small stuff, but sometimes I just get . . . curious.

Goodnight is in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Program (JROTC) program at her school. This her fourth year in the program. Cadets are required to wear their uniforms once a week and stand for inspection. What they wear to inspection depends on the season as well as what the Master Sergeant (MSgt) tells them to wear.

As GN’s legal guardian, I have access to her grades as they are entered in the digital grade-book. GN has an “A” in JROTC, but when I looked at her grade for the inspection, I noticed she was docked three points. It still left her with a 97%, but like I said, I get curious.

I asked my granddaughter why she lost three points. She didn’t know she had lost any points, so also didn’t know the reason for the deduction. She told me she would ask the MSgt.

A few days later, I checked in with GN on the lost inspection points.

Gram: Did you find out why you lost three points?

GN: I did. MSgt took off one point for my gig line.

Gram: (gig line refers to the vertical harmony of shirt, belt, and pants when the shirt placket, the edge of the belt buckle, and seam of pant fly are in alignment. Perfect alignment is required at time of inspection.) . . . You know the rules. And what were the other two points for?

GN: MSgt deducted two points for crying.

Gram: MSgt was crying?

GN: No, I was!

Gram: You were crying during inspection?

GN: Cuz MSgt was YELLING at me.

Gram: He yelled at you for your gig line?

GN: No, he yelled at me for something else, made me cry, and then took off two points because I cried.

Gram: Well . . .  you know the inspection guidelines for gig line, so you’re lucky it was only one point. What did he yell at you for?

GN: He yelled at me for a phone violation in a different class. Word got back to him that I was on my phone after the bell rang, but before the teacher started teaching.

Gram: (I wonder why he didn’t just take off some points for the phone violation intead if going through all the work of yelling at her and then only taking off two points for the crying.) . . . You’re a senior and the MSgt expects the seniors to be leaders and set good examples for the younger cadets. Besides, the same phone rules apply this year as they have for your first three years at that school.

GN: (begins to laugh) But Grammy, I was texting YOU!

Gram: Nice try, kiddo! But you’re not hanging that one on me. I text you when it fits into my schedule and it’s on you to reply as it fits into your own schedule.

Upon careful and lengthy consideration, I asked GN if crying was an actual inspection violation documented in the cadet handbook. GN said it was not, “but it falls under military image, Grammy.”

This is all on my mind today because parent-teacher conferences are tonight and I have half a mind to ask the Master Sergeant how many points he’d take off if word got back to him about a cadet’s messy bedroom. 😀

Goodnight makes me laugh. I don’t encourage rule-breaking or disrespect, but if a teen’s phone violation after the bell in another class is the worst he’s got to yell at her about, then the Goodnight/Gram household is just fine. He can keep the two points he took from her.

Maybe I should ask him how many points she will get for her solo production of the cadet newsletter last week because no one else wanted to get involved. But, you know what? I don’t need to ask him that either, Goodnight’s version will be so much better!

Simple Woman’s Daybook

October 5, 2015

I am linking up with others at Simple Woman’s Daybook. Check the link to read other posts. The quotes are inspiring and I enjoy reading about what’s happening in the craft rooms, kitchens, and gardens of others. I like to see what others are reading and thinking and what they’re grateful for. I’m not sure what happened to my Gravatar on the linkup page, but I’m still Gram.

For today… Monday, October 5, 2015

Outside my window… It’s dark, but my day has begun anyway. GN has a v-e-r-y early morning Drill Team practice

I am thankful… for the Goodnight-Gram day GN and I had yesterday. After church we went out for a leisurely breakfast, then to a movie (“The Martian” was awesome!!!), then we went for a nice long walk in the woods.

I am going… to attend an art exhibit opening at a local gallery this week. I received an invitation from the artist.

I am reading… BRIGHT FOREVER by Lee Martin. Click the link to read a description of the plot. I downloaded it via the 3M Cloud Library while sitting on my couch!

Something beautiful… I think the ballet dress in the photo below is beautiful. It was worn by the ballerina who danced for the 2011 Nobel Banquet program. I just love the butterflies!


The ballerina danced up and down the grand staircase of the banquet hall in Stockholm. The guests were all seated at the bottom of the staircase. It was such a lovely performance.

NOTE: To watch this beautiful ballet from the 2011 Nobel Banquet Program, click the link and wait until enough of the video is cached so you can advance the time to 7:40.


In my garden… I picked the last two peppers for this season. The ‘volunteered’ to take a swim in a pot of cowboy chili. 


In my kitchen… There is nothing going on in my kitchen at this hour of the morning, but we will be having cowboy chili for dinner.


On my knitting needles… I am still working on my mitered shawl. I have completed 22/45 rectangles. If you enlarge the photo of the construction diagram, you can see I’ve just begun the 7th row from the bottom. The rectangles are numbered according to their placement.


A favorite quote for today…


One of my favorite things… is my felted notebook cover. I knit the fabric in wool and then felted it before cutting and sewing the cover that fits a standard 5×8 notebook. I’ve had this cover for more than a decade and the fabric is wearing very well. I sewed rhinestones in the center of the hearts.


Thanks for stopping to visit my blog today. I’m feeling a little under the weather today, so I may be slow in getting around for daybook visits, but I’ll get there eventually. Peace~

No Goodnights Will Be Harmed . . .

September 30, 2015


Breathe… Ok. Whew!

Want to guess which side of the toaster GN used for her attempt at making a “grilled” cheese sandwich? (and then hid the toaster in the garage) I just found it because I was looking for the autumn flag to put on the flag pole.


I won’t yell at her. It will be a teaching moment and a time-consuming chore . . . for her when she gets home from school.

In my house, the expression goes like this: “That was stu-pid with a capital STU!”

Simple Woman’s Daybook for 9/28/2015

September 28, 2015

Hello and welcome. If you are here as a result of the ‘knitting’ tag of my post, scroll down and see my shawl in progress.

I am linking up with others at Simple Woman’s Daybook. Click the link to read more Daybook entries.

For today… Monday, September 28, 2015

Outside my window… was the lunar eclipse last night. Did you catch it from where you live? GN and I watched.

Homecoming update… GN’s  high school varsity football team won their homecoming game! The halftime dance by the senior ladies was fun to watch. I intentionally centered the shot between two stadium lights. The ladies moved about on the field and I took the shot below because GN would easily be able to spot herself in it.


I attended… As luck would have it, I attended two grand openings of food markets on Saturday. The first one was a smaller neighborhood market and the second was a big chain food market. Both were fun, but the smaller market had a band for entertainment and free coffee. ☕️

I am thankful… for my granddaughter. 

I am reading… one chapter per week for a year of my all-time favorite novel, THE PEASANTS – AUTUMN, WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER: A TALE OF OUR OWN TIME by Wladyslaw Reymont. Interesting to me is that by WWI, the Germans knew about Reymont’s epic work and German soldiers were reading it to understand Polish peasants in order to control them.

I am also reading SAUL BELLOW’S HEART: A SON’S MEMOIR by Greg Bellow. Saul Bellow was an author and Nobel Literature Laureate and I want to read his son’s perspective about his father because I really enjoyed reading Israel Zamir’s memoir of his author father, Isaac Singer.

In my garden… I still have Swiss chard. I certainly got my money’s worth from what I planted. It’s my favorite leafy green.

In my kitchen… there are some dirty dishes. I’m blaming Sunday Night Football, knitting, and the lunar eclipse. Oh well. They will get done in time to dirty them again.

On my knitting needles… I am working on the Amazing Mitered Shawl. Because I am stash-busting this year, I wanted to make a shawl from wool I have at home. I have 15/45 rectangles completed.


As I looked at my shawl laid out like that, it reminded me of the work of artist Josef Albers. Albers was born in Germany, but emigrated to the United States in 1933. He is most recognized for his color- interaction series of over 1000 “Homage to the Square” paintings and prints. Take a look at the collection of some of his squares in the photo below. Some of my color combinations resemble his, don’t they? Maybe I should call my shawl “Homage to Josef Albers.” 😉

I was already having tons of fun knitting my shawl, but now I like it even more! 


Photo credit here.

Favorite quote for today…  “Children are the hope of the family. Grandparents are the memory of the family. We must care for both.” Pope Francis, the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church, spoke those words Saturday in Philadelphia as he addressed those in attendance of the World Festival of Families 2015. Did you watch any live feed of his visit?

Yup, It’s Amazing!

September 25, 2015

It didn’t take me long to decide which shawl to get on my needles. I chose the Amazing Mitered Shawl to work on play with. It’s a free pattern, so click the link to find it. I have already completed two rectangles this morning and will have to be very well-behaved not to keep knitting all day. It’s a good thing I swam my laps in the pool before I started knitting. 


There will be a lot of ends to weave in at the end of the knitting, but I don’t mind. I love to do finishing work. I think it is going to be one of my favorite stash-busting projects in my 2015 year of stash-busting. Rosie the Rescued Doll is my favorite project so far.

I must get about my day now. As much as I could just sit here all day and keep knitting mitered rectangles, I’m walking away from the yarn and needles . . . promise! I have a Homecoming football game to get ready for. I love football! GN and the senior ladies (that’s what it says on their jerseys) are performing a dance at halftime. 

Stash-busting Daydreams

September 24, 2015
I know I still have a few pieces to knit for Rosie the Doll’s wardrobe. It will get done. I have plenty of time before the silent auction. It’s only September now and the silent auction isn’t until mid-December.

Today, I’ve been daydreaming about shawls I could knit to reduce my yarn stash. I think it has to do with the rainy weather today and because it is officially Autumn. I looked online for photos of shawls that interested me and today’s post is a repository for what caught my eye. These are in no particular order of preference.


Ruffled Shawl from AllFreeKnitting.com


Amazing Mitered Shawl

Amazing Mitered Shawl – (back) from AllFreeKnitting.com



Amazing Mitered Shawl – front from AllFreeKnitting.com


Lace Ediged Garter Stitch Shawl

Lace Edge Garter Stitch Shawl from AllFreeKnitting.com


To be honest, the decision probably is not which shawl to knit, but which one to knit first . . . right?

Autumnal Equinox 2015

September 23, 2015

I kept my promise to myself and got up very early today. Lots to do as autumn begins! I’m using an app called iStudious Lite (free) for making lists or note taking. 


I like to try various educational apps in case they are worth suggesting to GN or students at the college. I like this one so far.


So for today, the 2015 Autumnal Equinox:


The quilt was a thrift shop rescue.

The Oatmeal Bake recipe I used is similar to the one at the link.

My autumn shawl is old, but happily worn. It is a nutmeg-colored wool. I did not follow a pattern. It is a seed stitch and I began with one stitch and increased one stitch at the beginning of each row. The added stitch just has to be the opposite of the one adjacent to it: either K or P. That’s it! Seed stitch until the shawl is wraps 1/4 of the way around a big pine tree (just kidding, see photo above), then either bind off in seed stitch or add a hem like I did. Add fringe and take lots of walks! 


Throwback day for GN’s homecoming week theme day means they are to find an old photo of themselves and dress as they looked in the photo. GN found quite an old one was excited to try to replicate the happy innocence of her younger self.


Happy Equinox!

Time to Say Goodbye . . .

September 22, 2015


My last walk with summer . . .  late this afternoon.

9/21/2015 Simple Woman’s Daybook

September 20, 2015

Please visit The Simple Woman’s Daybook to read other Daybook posts or to add one of your own.

image  imageimage

Outside my window: it’s dark and 56 degrees F.

I am thinking: about Goodnight’s very busy week ahead and working out the logistics to get it all in and enough sleep to make it through.

I am going: to get back to knitting for Rosie, the doll. I took time off from knitting doll clothes to knit something else. (See below)

I am grateful: for the lovely evening my granddaughter and I had together Saturday. We spent the evening outdoors.

In the garden: I spotted two more peppers and I cut a bouquet of hydrangea blooms for my table.


In the kitchen: Booyah! There was a sale at church and I bought three cartons. I shared one with my neighbor. Booyah is a stew and recipes vary. The men at church make a very good booyah.


From my knitting needles: I just finished a prayer shawl which is a gift for someone going through chemo. I used a white  bouclé yarn.

From paper, scissors and yarn: I made a gift card to go with the above prayer shawl. I cut a basic paper silhouette of a dressmaker’s form with a head and I knit a mini-shawl from the same yarn  to wrap around the paper silhouette. I kept track of how many stitches there were in the shawl as I knit and the inside of the card says how many stitches became prayers for the recipient: 29, 161.


I am reading: WATERSHIP DOWN by Richard Adams. It is a classic and beloved adventure featuring a small group of rabbits. When it came out in the U.S., I was in college and working two jobs, so there was no time for reading a rabbit adventure.


A favorite quote for today: comes from one of my favorite hymns by Horatio Spafford, a prosperous Chicago lawyer. If you don’t know the story behind his hymn, please click the link. His courage keeps me humble.