Walking Wednesday: A Change of Scenery

July 29, 2015

As much as I love the scenery where I walk regularly, it was fun to change it up today. I took GN out for lunch and a walk. In fact, it was a walking lunch at a county fair.

The weather was perfect. The high heat and the humidity of the last two days turned into what was a beautiful day. Our walking lunch turned into a wonderful afternoon stroll through exhibit buildings, food stands, and the midway.

For my walking lunch, I had a walking taco and I walked it past the band shell to listen to a group on stage.


One fun competition for the fair was the decorated potato division. I thought it was a very clever idea. My favorite was the Spud in the Sun diorama.


I saw some very lovely knitting in the textile arts building. I chose a couple of things to share here that caught my eye.

I love sock monkeys and someone had made some cute sock monkey baby booties.


I am very partial to knitted dolls and knitted doll clothing and this little cutie was tucked in a corner, but I found her! The knitting was very well done.


We checked out the flower arrangement competition and there were a lot of beautiful arrangements to see. This was the grand champion.


We got some fresh squeezed lemonade and walked to the cow barn. These two didn’t mind the photo shoot at all.



Perfect afternoon: blue sky, picturesque white clouds, gentle breeze, no mosquitos and a long walk!

Simple Woman’s Daybook

July 27, 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to my Simple Woman’s Daybook entry for this week. I am linking up with others, so to read more Daybook entries or add one of your own, check the link.


For today… Monday, July 27, 2015

I am thankful… for my granddaughter’s new job. She is 17 and has had other jobs, but the one she had just prior to this new one was NOT compatible with good study time for a high school student.

At our house… Christmas in July continues. We have been making Christmas gifts and watching Christmas movies. The movie in the DVD player for today is The Great Escape. I know it is a WWII movie, HOWEVER, the prisoners sing Christmas Carols so the German soldiers cannot hear the work being done on the escape tunnel. I have a very broad notion of Christmas movies! 🎄

I am going… Goodnight and I are going to make a toy drop this afternoon. Let me explain. I use knitting as a form of discipline. I used it for my daughter and I use it for my granddaughter. When I ground her, it is not for a specific number of days, but for a certain number of knitted items. NO GOODNIGHTS ARE HARMED IN THE PROCESS. Knitting is a calming process, but when I use it as a disciplinary measure, the product(s) may not be kept by the knitter. Disciplinary knitting must be donated. Angel made bunnies, mostly and Goodnight has been making little knitted bears . . . recently. 😉 And Christmas in July is a great time to make a toy drop anyway, don’t you think? 


In my garden… The Moss Roses have been lovely.


In my kitchen… We are preparing our Christmas in July feast for today. It may sound more like Thanksgiving dinner, but that’s because turkey dinner is my favorite thing to make. The turkey is in the oven. Goodnight will be making green bean casserole with the last of the green beans she won from the farmer’s market raffle. She is also on dinner roll and stuffing duty. I have the mashed potatoes, gravy and dessert. For dessert, I made a Cranberry Mousse that I concocted and it is chilling in the refrigerator.

From my knitting needles… Rosie has a winter hat and mittens! She will have a complete winter outer wear ensemble: boots, scarf, and either a jacket or coat. They fit her little hands and thumbs perfectly. The hat does not have a pompom. It has a little knitted rose. 😀


As promised, Rosie now has a snuggly little Teddy Bear.


In the toy shop… Rosie will have sled to go with her winter outerwear ensemble. I found a little wooden sled that needs a touch of sanding and finishing, but it is the right size for Rosie.


Inspirational quote for the day… My inspirational quote for today comes from my mother. I am a grandmother and my mother is a great-grandmother. I phoned her for a chat last week and she had been reading through her collection of pieces that have inspired her over the years. Like me, she has cut them or copied them and saved them to re-inspire. During our chat, she decided to read to me. Just that act alone was very endearing. Here is what she read to me:

That’s Not My Job

This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody’s job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have.~ Anonymous

Thanks Mom! Good quote to guide my work days and work ethic.  (I tend to be the Nobody…)

Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for visiting.


4380 Days . . .

July 25, 2015

I heard my Needles weeping.

     I asked them what was wrong.

          “We miss her too,” they told me,

                “even though it’s been so long.”



So I sat down with Needles

    and let them speak today.

          They’ve always been quite honest.

               Here’s what they had to say.


“We hear your heart still whisper

     and despite your gentle touch,

          we know what you are thinking.

               You miss her very much.”


They knit my thoughts, those Needles.

     How long they’ve been my friends!

          Their soft and gentle message

               proof that ’empty’ never ends.




” Sometimes it still feels recent,

     so BIG and close and sad.


          Then sometimes it feels distant

               and somehow, not so bad.”





“But . . . Gram, we know that aching

     can feel like such despair.

          And then your daughter’s passing

               can seem like she . . .  was . . . never . . .  there.





I heard my needles sobbing.

     I asked them what was wrong.

          “We miss her too,” they told me.

               “Would you please play the song?”





Thrifty Thursday

July 23, 2015

I’ve had good awesome luck at my local thrift shop lately!

I wanted a summer blouse. You know what I mean . . . a genuine “clean up a little,  plug in the iron and put on something other than a T-shirt” blouse. I had a general idea of what I’d like to find: short sleeves and a flower print. I like flower prints. Modest coordinating frivolous ornamentation would be a fun find, but not required.

I found two blouses and a matching bracelet for each, but not on the same day. The bracelets were not with the blouses, but I had good luck on the jewelry rack.



Since rearranging my living room in early spring, I have been wanting to find a piece of art to hang on the wall behind the couch in its new location. I didn’t want anything specific, but I had a general idea.

Finding just the right thing to suit me took several trips over the last two months. I wanted a nature scene of some sort. I saw some paintings that would have been . . okay, but I didn’t want to settle for okay. I wanted serene, beautiful, and awesome.

I finally spotted something I liked. It wasn’t a painting, but a poster made from a scenic photograph. The photo is called Austria Forest Light by Charles Bowman. It’s a filtered light photograph. The poster was in a plastic frame, but I didn’t want to hang it that way. I wanted a rustic wooden frame

I made several trips to the thrift shop in search of a frame that suited me and the photo, but I finally found one. I was able to remove the photo from the plastic poster frame, cut the white excess poster away and put it in the wooden frame I found.

At an online art website, the price for the Bowman’s photo poster alone is listed at $30. With the addition of a wooden frame, the price is listed at $100 for the dimensions of one like mine. The total cost for my thrift shop art was $7: $3 for the poster and $4 for the frame.


On my most recent visit to the thrift shop, I had one of those quality textural finds similar to the Irish woven scarf I found earlier this summer. I spotted a fabulous knee-length Irish sweater in 100% merino wool.


It was Goodnight’s size and since she was with me in the store, but browsing in a different area, I took the sweater to her and asked her if she liked it. She did . . . a lot! She liked the color and the style. I liked that my granddaughter will be wrapped in warmth when Minnesota turns cold. All that beautiful thrift shop wool and I didn’t even have to knit! 


Finally, because I am a Thursday’s child, this caught my eye: G. K. Chesterton’s fantasy, suspense novel: The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare. If Thursday is a nightmare, no wonder a “Thursday’s child has far to go.” The book I found is a first American edition, 107 years old!


Here’s a gift for you from a peaceful and content Thursday’s Child. The above book is available to read online at the Project Gutenberg site.

On what day of the week were you born? Thursday’s not so bad. 😉

Finally, for Paula at Smidgeons, Snippets & Bits. I forgot I had this measuring spoon until this morning.


May your grief be portioned by the smidgeon and your joy by the gallon!

Happy Thursday!

Walking Wednesday: Flora

July 22, 2015

Happy Wednesday!

It’s time to collect a few walking photos and just thank Mother Nature for the show I get when I walk each day. Today I collected a few photos of the flora in the habitats where I walk.





For Paula

July 21, 2015

This post is for a blog friend who has reached a milestone today, but you are welcome to stay and read over my shoulder as I write her a brief note. To read what the milestone is, please visit Paula’s blog. I just want to honor her journey.


Dear Paula,

You have been on my mind today.

You have made it through the difficult first year. Whether easy, hard, happy, sad, energetic, lethargic, lonely, comforted, weeping or stopping at an oasis of peace . . . you walked each step each day.

I found this for you. It’s mesmerizing when viewed full screen.

Did you know there are white butterfly sprinkles?  


I was thinking about you as I ran some errands today when I spotted the following cut paper piece of art in a white frame. Isn’t it lovely in its simplicity?


Sending you a blog post full of white butterflies and blessings on this day of remembrance.

Simple Woman’s Daybook

July 20, 2015

Hello! Welcome to my Simple Woman’s Daybook post. I am joining other bloggers who are writing daybook entries. Please check the link to read what others have posted or to add a post of your own. 

For today…

Monday, July 20, 2015

Outside my window…

It is 70 degrees and mostly cloudy.

I am hearing…

Christmas music (Oldies today) is filling the room from live365’s Seasonal/Holiday stations. Christmas in July continues here!

I am thankful…

I am thankful for my granddaughter. Yesterday, she offered to write a guest post for my blog about current teen slang so my readers could know what young relatives are talking about. She will start here senior year of high school in September. Where did the time go?

I am Happy… ‘Nuf said! 😉

I am going…

I am going to wander off the beaten path of my daily walk today in search of widow skimmer dragonflies! I spotted a male and a female yesterday and it made me giggle! I took a photo of the female, but it doesn’t do her justice. Out from the black, is the transparent part of her wings. The male has white between the black and the transparent part of his wings and when flitting around, the white looked a bit like a flashing light as it caught the sun. What do you think . . . too much fun for a grandmother?


I am reading…

I am still working on Patricia Cornwell’s Dust. I am also reading The Preacher’s Homiletic Commentary. It is a reliable and often used resource for sermon topics based on Scripture texts. I am not a preacher and I am not looking to own the 37-volume set, but there were a few volumes at the thrift shop and I picked up the commentaries for Psalms and Proverbs. So, when I read a psalm or any verses from Proverbs, I look in the commentary to read what topics preachers have drawn from the texts. From there, I go down my own meditative path, I suppose. Keeps me on the “up and up.”

In my DVD player…

I convinced GN to watch Hidalgo with me. I showed it during my knitting/Omar Shariff movie marathon/tea party and I thought she might like the story. She did. I loved the dust storm scene!


In my garden…

The lilies have poked their heads over the top of the patio fence and are blooming. It is also time to pick more tomatoes.


In my kitchen…

We have done very well with not wasting any of the veggies Goodnight won from the farmer’s market drawing. Today, a pot of green bean, potato, onion soup on the stove. Paired with rosemary dinner rolls, the soup should make a good summer supper.

From my knitting needles (and crochet hook)…

Rosie has summer pajamas, slippers and a cozy blanket! By the end of the day, she will have a teddy bear buddy, too. This is the 4th outfit I have completed for her.


Quote for the day… Yea! Lots of options.



Time for a cuppa joe while I knit that itty bitty teddy bear. I hope there is joy in store for you as you go about your day, so keep your eyes, ears, and heart open!


Child’s Play

July 17, 2015

I suppose I should grow up . . . sometime. I don’t actually play with dolls, but I like to knit them and knit for them.

Rosie has a sundress! I used 4 ply yarns that I turned into 2 ply yarns.  I changed the weight of several thrift shop skeins of wool and worked the dress on size #1 US needles.


I got most of the dress knitted during my knitting/movie marathon/tea party and then it took two more movies to do the finishing. There were a lot of yarn ends to weave in!

The back of the dress is nicely finished with a placket to which I added snaps for closure. This finish makes it easy for a child to dress Rosie.


You know what else you need besides a sundress when the sun is beating down?



Stylish, right?

To make this sunny summer ensemble complete, how about a crocheted, doll-sized purse that looks like the sun?



Time to tidy up from this knitting project and get started on something else for Rosie.

Hmm . . . what else should I knit for her wardrobe? I’ll let you know soon.



Christmas in July: Snowball Fight!

July 16, 2015

Christmas in July continues at our house . . .

My mother taught me about Christmas in July when I was a little girl. We would make paper ornaments and decorate an outdoor pine. The tree wasn’t on our property. It was on a busy street corner in Smalltownville. No one complained because Gr8 was the summer recreation director and just about every kid in town was on that street corner decorating the tree, too.

I think my favorite part about Mom’s Christmas in July celebration was the snowball fight . . . with real snow!

Mom somehow managed to sneak outdoors sometime in the dead of a winter night when the falling snow was the perfect consistency for making snowmen or snowballs. She made snowballs – LOTS of them – and then hid them away in the chest freezer we had, underneath all the meat in there.

When it was time for Christmas in July, Mom got up early and took the snowballs out of the freezer so they could thaw enough not to be dangerous projectiles. It didn’t matter, really, if the snow turned soft, because we could always reshape them for throwing. It was great fun.

I do Christmas in July snowball fights a little differently. I have never owned a chest freezer and the freezer compartment of my refrigerator isn’t big enough to have spare room to keep snowballs for seven months.

Last night, Goodnight and I had our snowball fight for Christmas in July. We played Yahtzee and there was a prize to be had.

Can you guess what it was?



Poor Goodnight. She had a rough night at Yahtzee and the Graminator had a Yahtzee in each of the first two rounds!!! I rocked the points and was the Christmas in July Snowball Fight winner!!

I don’t eat too many sweets, however, AND I don’t intentionally lose at Yahtzee, so I told GN she could just have my snoballs prize. Without losing a beat, she said, “Let’s just split the first one and play some more Yahtzee and then we can split the second one while we play more Yahtzee.”

That right there was a Christmas in July gift to a grandmother wrapped up in a package of Goodnight wrapping paper!

Walkin’ Wednesday: Bridges

July 15, 2015

Hello everyone and welcome!


Before I get to the walkin’ part of my post . . . 

I think I finally have the tea party cleanup under control and that dear little imp, Rosie, will be taking a nap . . . all day. I plan to drink iced tea and read and then later this afternoon, I will take Goodnight back to the farmer’s market so she can deliver her ‘thank you’ note for the prize she won last week. The growers are only in that location on Wednesday afternoons. Goodnight has been keeping track of how we’ve used everything so they know their lovely gift did not go to waste.

Now for the walkin’ . . .  

I take a walk every day and take photos most of the time. I think the biggest reason I take photos is so it doesn’t become a boring, mindless routine. I want to keep my eyes open, to notice things and to appreciate my walks. I think it keeps me motivated to get out and keep moving. 

For this post, I decided to collect photos of a few bridges I cross on some of my outdoor walks.

In the first collage, the construction of the two bridges makes them look the same, but one is much longer than the other. The sound of the creek rushing below the bridges is very relaxing.


The bridges in the photo below are collected from a quieter and much more wooded walk I take.



Okay, I guess I have one photo that isn’t exactly a bridge, but what I took a photo of did get me from one place to another on my walk.

It was pouring rain one day and I was not able to walk outside, so I headed to the mall and joined the early morning mall walkers. (1/2 mile per lap, no matter which level one walks)

So what got me from one place to another on my mall walk? My feet, of course, but the escalator, too, as I switched levels to change the scenery. Whatever works, right?


If it makes you feel any better and in case you’re curious, the escalators are not operational that early in the morning, so I did have to actually walk up and down!

Do you get out for walks? Where do you walk? Do you enjoy your walks? I hope so.