Vacation is but a sweet memory . . . . .

Well, I’m back to work – and with a bang!  We are BUSY!  I’m working one night a week, too.  That’s why Goodnight was in the office with me last night and I asked her to be my guest blogger.  I showed her how to post on a blog and showed her how I get the photos from my camcorder.  That was fun. 

 But . . . . she had to get back to her math homework so I could correct it before I went to work.

I love my job and am nearing the end of my 21st year.  But I must say, I adjusted to vacation very nicely – particularly last week when Goodnight was back to school.  That’s when the knitter in me shines.  I do love it so.

At least I get to come back to work with the products of my work.

Here is the Satchel Grande that I traded out for my old work tote.  The button says ‘HOPE’.  I let Goodnight help me pick the button.  We all can use a HOPE reminder, eh?

The Satchel Grande was a pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.  I liked it very much.  It’s roomy because of the side gussets.  I added a little feature to the gussets that wasn’t in the pattern.

The gussets done according to the pattern would stick out and thus leave an opening where something could slip out.

I added two buttons to each side and an elastic to the center of the gusset. 

I can pull the center of the gusset to an inside pleat when the elastic is around the double buttons.  It makes for a tidy , finished look.  If I need more room to stuff my bag, I can undo the elastic and pull the gussets to the outside.

Inside my Satchel Grande, are the things I need for the day.  I always carry a shawl because room temperatures vary around the college.  I knit a little zippered bag for my shawl.  The little bag helps keep my shawl from getting dirty.

Another pattern I knit up last week was called Pocketed October Scarf.  I thought it looked cozy, so wanted to try it.

It’s cozy and warm, but rather stiff.  The pattern called for two strands of Lion Brand Thick and Quick.  I would prefer to adjust the pattern to accommodate only one strand.  The shawl would have a softer drape that way.  But I still love the design.  It’s more of a shawl than a scarf due to the shawl collar increases.  Very clever!

SInce the Pocketed Scarf is so stiff, I won’t wear it at work.  This is what I actually made to have at work.  I think it’s my new favorite.  It’s a largish collar turned into a shawl.  Interestingly enough, I used the sme yarn as the Satchel Grande, and the Pocketed Scarf, but with only one strand instead of two, it has a much softer drape and I like it better.  It’s quite handy to don and doff as need be.  I used an old clear button that I found at an antique store.  It’s large, I know.  That’s just attention-getting behavior, isn’t it?  

I also had to knit some frivolous ornamentation! (I knew a guy that used that phrase to describe jewelry.)  Actually, the knit beads turned out nicely.  Not heavy because they are so small.

Here’s a photo of the Hot Water Bottle Cozy that I also knit last week.  That was a free pattern from the Lion Brand website.  But I had to make a  modification to the pattern to accommodate the design of my hot water bottle.  This was something I was knitting to use up some cotton I had at home.  Boy!  Talk about having just the right amount of yarn for this one!  I would have been bummed to rip it if I needed to knit another half inch.

The buttons on the bottom allow for taking the bottle out for filling.

I also began some knitting for next year’s craft sale at church.  I try not to cram it in all at once because I get burned out.  The things that seem to do well are red and white things because the craft sale is in November – in time for holiday gift shopping.  I have some fun designs that have done well for them over the years.  Here is a stocking cap and matching scarf.  When it gets time for the sale, I will tie the two pieces together and add a candy cane.

Another project I finished is a Crayon Caddy.  It’s a very cute free pattern – again from the Lion Brand website.  I am going to use this for a toy drop this afternoon – for the Toy Society website.  I still haven’t decided where I will drop it, but I think I will have Goodnight help me decide.

Here’s what the Crayon Caddy looks like when it’s open.  The button is a little kitty.

I learned from experience that crayons can fall out of caddies if they don’t have a flap to hold them in at the top.  The pattern didn’t have this feature, so I added it.  Here’s what it looks like closed.

The whole thing then gets rolled and tied.  That’s how I will put it in the bag for the toy drop today.  It was fun to knit and I will make some of these for the church craft sale, too.

That’s about it for the knitting I did last week.  Not bad for a week’s work/play.  Of course, you met Camel yesterday.  I am treating Camel to lunch during my break at work.  We’re an item now!

One last memory/story  from vacation:  Julia Child.  Corny as it is – I DID IT!!!  We had her beef bourguignon.  I won’t write a book about it, but it was fun because I had the time.  And it was delicious.  Here’s the deal though – can I really say I made beef bourguignon when I didn’t use burgundy?

One day when I was out to coffee with Camel, I thought I would run into the liquor store to get the wine.  But it was one of those cold, awful, snowy days we had last week, and as I walked out of the coffee shop and headed toward the liquor store next door, a woman ran into the store . . . . with her car!  She broke an entire huge pane of glass and it roared down on the sidewalk because of the bitter cold.

I stood there in stunned silence.  It was an accident.  I think she stepped on the gas instead of the brake.  She wasn’t speeding in the parking lot, she was gently pulling up close to the door.

After that, I just didn’t have the heart to ‘run into the liquor store’ for the wine.  I used sherry that I already had at home.  The stew was delicious – but what would Julia Child say? 

Oh well – bon appetit!!!  I have leftovers and dinner is at 6:00!!!!

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