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Startin’ the Chartin’

November 17, 2009

Hi all,

Funny . . . earlier this morning I blogged about Time, so this will fit right in. 

I took the Time over my lunch break to begin charting the alpha characters for my sister’s Christmas scarf.  It will be a cryptoquip scarf.  I used a quote about big sisters and translated it into the crypto by substituting other letters.  You can see the crypto in the photo.  I haven’t given out the clue yet.  Although, real crypto aficionados don’t use clues.  I haven’t decided if I’ll knit the clue in, or give it to her in her box.  I’ll have to wait until I chart everything and see what my row count will be – spacing an all.  You would think that a scarf that runs about 350 rows would be long enough to hold the clue, too.

Time will tell.

Time is of the essence. (I mail my gifts on the day after Thanksgiving when everyone else is shopping!!!)

Time to get back to work!

Once upon a . . . . .

November 17, 2009


Some folks get more, some folks get less.

If left to me, I’d cheat, I guess.

I’d sneak an hour, beg a year,

Bring back loved ones gone from here.

I can’t . . . I know.   It’s up to Him.

So while I wait, I’ll knit a hymn.

Sands of time knitted hour-glass pattern is from: Charted Knitting Designs; A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G. Walker.  I’ve hung it in my house to remind me to use whatever Time!  I have wisely and to be grateful for the Time!  I’ve had.

p.s. Poem by me. Thought of it on my way to work.



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