My Plan for an Easter Cake

April 17, 2014

I have just hatched a plan to make an Easter cake that might make Goodnight smile.  

Just under a year ago, we discovered baby bunnies in my half-barrel planter in the front of the house. Of the six bunnies, five survived to scamper off when they were ready. Goodnight checked on them each day, and then in the evenings, we watched from our window as the parents made their way to the babies, fed them and tidied up the twigs and dirt that were keeping their family protected.

So, I thought it might be fun to attempt making cake to look like the front lawn, with a half-barrel planter holding some bunnies. I just picked up the supplies I thought I’d need to pull it off.

It’s really a bit too early to make the cake for Sunday, but here’s my plan. The cake will be a two-layer lemon cake with whipped frosting topped and using green tinted coconut for the grass. For the half-barrel planter, I bought dark chocolate Kit Kat bars to use as the staves. I bought a small package of  Oreos so I can crush the dark chocolate cookies for enough dirt to put in the half barrel. Then I bought itty-bitty chocolate bunnies to put in the barrel.

I really just need to set the bunnies in a close grouping on a piece of paper, so I can get a circle as a pattern for a big enough half barrel to hold the bunnies. Then I can use the paper pattern as a guide for placing the Kit Kat strips to build my half barrel.

Not too hard, right? I am not much of a cake decorator, but I am looking forward to giving this a try.

A Rare Weekday Morning Off

April 15, 2014

I have a rare weekday morning off. I have a late start and then I work through the dinner hour. I don’t mind. The reason for the late start is a project I have been involved with. In the meantime, what to do with a quiet morning?

I am roasting a carrot for dinner. Sound like a light dinner? No worries. Check out the carrots I found. They are pictured with my 20-oz. water bottle. It might be hard to tell, but the carrots are as thick as the water bottle, too. 



While the carrot is in the roaster, I am knitting a winter scarf to donate. It will get added to a pile of knitted goods that I tend work on between March and October for each oncoming winter.  I like the rhythm of the garter paired with a 2x2rib.


As I knit, I am listening to a music program called A Musical Feast for Passover narrated by Itzhak Perlman. I am not Jewish, but I must admit to being appreciative for such a well-done program. The music is lovely and I have always respected Mr. Perlman. If you find yourself with a quiet hour and would like to hear the program, click the link. You will see a blue audio box with three sections of the program and their corresponding run times. Start at the top and when that one ends, click the next section, etc. It’s appropriate for Holy Week, too. It’s really  a very lovely program.

I also have a good cup of coffee by my side!


I hope you find ways to enjoy your day, too.



It creaked. It groaned. It broke.

April 14, 2014

Early Saturday morning, Goodnight and I went out to run an errand. When we came back from our errand, it was raining. I drove the car into the garage and pushed the remote to close the garage door.

As it closed, it creaked, then groaned loudly, then closed with a loud thud and a crash. The crashing part was one of the panels slipping out of alignment and leaving a gap for the rain to get into the garage. I assessed the situation as I picked up pieces of the garage door.

What to do on a Saturday morning with a gap in the garage door, rain coming down and colder temperatures on the way? I went into the house and got my appliance records and found the phone number of the company that installed the door. They did not have weekend hours, but the technician who answered the phone was kind enough to speak to me long enough to  tell me what the service charge would be come the work week, when they make service calls.

I  did not want to spend that much, but I did not have to decide at that moment anyway. I went back out to the garage and looked at the door again. I wanted to fix the gap as soon as possible because I did not want the rain to get in and I did not want the colder overnight temperaturee to cause my furnace to run more than it needed to.

I tried to lift the panel back in place. It was much too heavy. I needed something to help me pry it up and then shift it back into place. I found just the thing I needed:  a long wrought iron rod that could act as a lever to do the lifting for me. It worked beautifully!

With the door panel back in place and the gap in the door taken care of, I could see what else had caused the door to creek and groan, though I’m not sure why it happened so suddenly. I retrieved my socket head screwdriver set and found the right size I needed.

I tightened 48 lag screws and in the end, found that I only needed to replace one roller, which I figured out how to do while I was tightening lag screws. The door is running smoothly again and Gram saved oner $100 for a service call.


Illusion Knit Easter Egg Face Cloth – Solid Color Egg

April 8, 2014

I took the time to re-work the Easter Egg Illusion Knit Face Cloth and make it less expensive for knitters who might want to make one with a solid color egg.

I asked my Granddaughter to choose the colors for this project. I am making some to send to her great-grandmother (my mother).

When viewed from an obtuse angle, the Illusion image is visible as in the photo below.


If you view the knitted piece while you are knitting the front, or at a 90-degree angle, the image is hidden in the stripes used to make the image. See the photo below.


If you would like to try the Easter Egg Illusion Knit Face Cloth Solid Color Egg, click the link to get the pdf.

Happy knitting!


The Demon in the House

April 8, 2014

I came across a lovely line in a classic piece of literature this morning. I really enjoy the works of Victor Hugo and I was reading Chapter 3 of  his “Toilers of the Sea.”

As the chapter begins, we read about Gilliatt, who has purchased a small haunted place in Guernsey. What was peculiar about the house? Read the excerpt. I could never be afraid of such a demon . . . or perhaps I would BE the demon for I would surely do what is referred to as peculiar . . .


I am rather fond of soup, worsted, needles, making mittens . . . and late night knitting!



Easter Egg Illusion Knit Face Cloth -Striped Egg

April 7, 2014

With Easter just around the corner, I came up with an Illusion Knit Easter Egg Face Cloth. I was highly influenced by the four pastel colors of Bernat Handicrafter Sweets and Delights Cotton in 12-ounce skeins that was on sale when I wandered around the craft store this afternoon. If you plan to make only one, then use approximately half an ounce of each of four colors.

When the completed face cloth is viewed at an obtuse angle, the egg image is clearly visible, as in the photo below. Just set the piece down on a flat surface and step back a bit. You’ll see it!

Easter Egg Face Cloth Egg Image

When viewed at a ninety-degree angle, the image disappears into the stripes used in the Illusion method as you can see below.

Easter Egg Face Cloth Stripes

To knit the Easter Egg Illusion Knit Face Cloth Striped Egg, click the link to get the pdf.

NOTE: In the file I uploaded yesterday, I had skipped two lines of knitting. I inserted them and then changed the subsequently affected line numbers. The link above is the corrected file.

The directions are for the knitted portion of the facecloth itself. Borders may be added as you wish. I have made some with knitted borders, some with crocheted borders, and left some plain. Start to finish, plus typing the pattern, I completed the project after dinner.

Happy knitting!


April 3, 2014

Goodnight was tired a little earlier than usual, so while I was washing dinner dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, she told me she was going to head to bed. I didn’t mind. I was always tired as a teen. I told her I was going to finish up in the kitchen and then knit until I got to the end of the skein I was working on so I could join the next one before tomorrow.

But as she walked away and went upstairs to her room, I looked at the clock and noticed how early it was. I thought to myself that she would not have liked it if I had sent her to bed that early . . . and yet she would not have liked the effect staying up too late would have on her either.

I started to quietly sing my thoughts. It seemed to flow from me effortlessly and was my reflection on how things can be one extreme or the other and still not what a teen wants or needs.

When I finished singing, I sat down to type what I had just sung, then called for Goodnight to come back downstairs. I asked her to illustrate my poem/song.

She was pleasantly cooperative.  Her artwork says more than my poem, I think.

You won’t like it if I send you off to bed.

You won’t like it if you’re up too late instead.

You won’t like it if you try to run away.

You won’t like it if I try to make you stay.

You won’t like it if I answer ‘No’ to you.

You won’t like it if it’s “Yes” to all you do.

You won’t like it if I cry in two more years.*

You won’t like it if you never see my tears.

You won’t like it if I were not who I am.

I hope you like it that we’re still Goodnight and Gram.

*High School Graduation


Because I am hooked on the Virtual Piano, I figured out the notes to the tune I sang and have included them below. Just click the link, then type the letters on the keyboard to hear the tune. Letters inside the [  ]s should be struck simultaneously to form a chord. The ø is the number zero, to distinguish it from the minuscule letter ‘o.’ The two lines of music repeat for each set of two lines.


[tu] p [io] [tu]    [ty] u [yi] [tu] [ry] [et] [wry]  

[tu] p [io] [tu]   [ry] [tu] [yi] [tu] [ry] t [wtø]



Yes . . . it was

April 2, 2014

To be polite, I should probably ask how many of you got pranked by me yesterday, but I don’t have to ask. I already know by specific stats on my blog.

I am usually given to stoicism, but comes a time for impishness, too. April 1 is as good a time as any to give in.

To make things interesting, I really only pranked those of you who subscribe to my blog.

I have not done an April Fools Day prank every year on my blog. I have only done it once before and it was fun! I guess I just don’t think I’m that clever, but after seeing Caribou’s announcement for their new clear coffee, I decided to see what I could do to join the fun.

For those of you who do not subscribe to my blog, I wrote a poem announcing that I would be stepping away from my blog. As soon as I uploaded it, I deleted it, so no one coming to the site could see it. At the end of the post, suggested readers could go to a website while I was away. I suppose I could tell you that the link was “clear” like the new Caribou coffee option, but honestly, there was no link. I considered making the link back to the post itself and seeing how many times people would hit the link, but not adding a link was enough fun!

The only possible clue to the prank was the phrase “bored with knitting.”


Thank you for your patience and Happy April Fools Day yesterday, today, and for those who catch up on the weekends . . . you too!


Helping Spring Along

March 31, 2014

Spring seems to be teasing us here: beautiful and sunny today, cold and snowy expected for tomorrow evening into Tuesday. I decided to cheat a little bit in my house.

I bought a little basil plant to start and it is doing well on my table.


I also learned that one can grow new green onions from a store-bought bunch by snipping them down to the white part and putting them in a little jar of water. Did you know that? I did that last week and the growth in a week was AMAZING! Look how far up they are from the white!  


Then I went shopping for yarn. I wasn’t necessarily looking for something green. ‘Cheery’ was my requirement. What ended up coming home with me was a pretty lemongrass wool. That was the name of the color on the ball band. I love it! I even found some buttons to match and will have to come up with a decorative way to include them into my knitting. I have already started the knitting.


Goodnight and I had to make a trip into Wisconsin to visit someone this weekend and on the way back we did something to help that spring feeling.


It’s not the same as spring, but it all helps.


March 27, 2014

I am spending my free time at the hospital again, sitting with an elderly relative so her daughter and granddaughter can get time for breaks.

While I am away, please feel free to:

Pour yourself a Cup of Coffee and watch this inspirational video. I even like the background music.

Download a free eBook from If you haven’t read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde published in 1891, I would like to suggest it. It has always intrigued me. A painter paints a portrait of Dorian Gray and the portrait seems to age when Dorian Gray does not. The painting does seem to age, but it also seems to reflect the state of Dorian Gray’s soul – based on his actions in life. I suppose the state of one’s soul is not a bad subject to think about during Lent.

Or play a tune on the Virtual Piano. It uses your PC keyboard to play the notes. If you try the piano while I am away, I have worked out the following familiar tune:





Each line above represents one phrase of the song. You will have to work out the timing yourself, but if you are familiar with the tune, you will get it. If you get the tune, leave a comment and let me know!!








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